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Senior Wellness

We want your pet to live a long and happy life. Did you know that at age 8, your pet is a senior?

Our pets age much more quickly than we do. Pets often don’t show signs of disease until well into the course of a disease. Routine screening of senior pets for common conditions with blood work and urine can uncover medical conditions at an early stage when it is easier to treat.

Many senior pets on medication require periodic blood monitoring. Routine blood testing is required for senior pets that undergo procedures needing anaesthesia, such as professional dental scaling and polishing.

At Port Hope Veterinary Hospital we provide a range of services to help keep your senior pet active and comfortable. Our Senior Wellness care includes:

  • Routine screening for common conditions that can affect senior health, such as kidney disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, and arthritis.
  • Diets for senior pets, including medical diets tailored to treatment of senior afflictions.
  • Medications and supplements for arthritis.
  • Medications and diets for the pets experiencing declining cognitive function.
  • “Balance It” supplement for those who want to home cook a diet for their senior pet.
  • House calls if your pet has difficulty getting to the vet (additional charges apply).