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Medical Services

At Port Hope Veterinary Hospital we offer a full range of medical services. Medical cases start with a complete physical examination and history. If your pet needs medical care we have in-house blood work capability as well as full use of outside laboratories. We provide treatment plans and estimates that are tailored to the individual needs of your pet.

Our Medical Services Include:

  • Digital Radiology
  • Dental Care
  • Cardiology (including X-Ray, ECG, and Ultrasound)
  • Ultrasound (provided by a visiting specialist)
  • Parasite Control (intestinal worms, heartworm, ticks, and fleas)
  • Ophthalmology (testing for dry eye and glaucoma)
  • Laboratory (urinalysis, stool sample analysis, routine and emergency blood work, complete blood counts, electrolytes, and biochemistry)
  • Dermatology (skin scrapings, culture, and allergy testing)
  • Endocrinology (hormone testing for Thyroid, Cushings, Addisons, and other hormone diseases)