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Cat Scratching Solutions

Cat scratching can be frustrating. We can help you. Come in for a complimentary consultation on dealing with this behaviour. Our veterinarians and technicians will be happy to help you and your feline friend. We offer you a variety of humane solutions.

We do not offer surgical declaw. Declawing is an amputation of all the front toes from the last joint down, which can lead to long term pain, increased biting and aggression, litter box aversion, and a variety of other problems. Declawing is illegal in some countries.

Humane Solutions to Cat Scratching:

  • Trim nails regularly, starting early when your cat is still a kitten works best. How to cut your cats nails.
  • Provide a variety of scratching posts to find your cat’s favourite.
  • For “enthusiastic scratchers”, try Soft Paws nail caps.

More solutions can be found at